Hey there! I’m Jenn

Jenn Stevens Coach

I dare you to truly love yourself

I teach women how to heal their emotional wounds so they can live with more confidence and contentment.

First tip: if you’re struggling to create your dream life, your subconscious mind needs a software upgrade! Find out how to do it.

I went from dumped, unemployed, and miserable to moving to Europe, writing a book, and building my own brand.

But these days, I live in Europe, wrote a bestselling book, and run my own self-built business teaching thousands of people all over the world how to heal themselves and fulfill their dreams.

The secret to how I did all of that?

Learning to heal my relationship to myself.

Healing is the process of Inner Best Friend-ification.

It’s how you undo the damage you sustained by being a human on this planet.

Emotional damage lasts a long time. Most of us are suffering from it without having any idea.