Free Self Love Guided Meditation

Just love yourself.

Be honest: how many times have you heard that phrase…and felt like downright snarling at the good-intentioned person who said it to you?

I know I’m supposed to love myself, stupid. But how exactly do I do that?

Loving yourself sounds like it should be easy on the surface. But in practice it’s anything but.

That’s because we’ve been trained on how to not love ourselves from Day 1.

The words our parents told us, what we watched on TV as a kid (or now), what society tells us is acceptable, religion, marketing, almost EVERYTHING hurts our ability to love ourselves.

We think we have to be perfect. Or famous. Or rich. Or successful. Or skinny. Or something very different from who we really are in order to deserve love.

And that, sis, is just damn untrue.

The undeniable truth is this: you were born worthy and lovable.

Which means, everything that’s taught you otherwise is a straight-up lie.

But lies can be untaught. Habits can be broken. And your low self-worth thoughts and behaviors can be reprogrammed to reflect a loving mindset.

You can choose to love yourself, no matter what.

Ready to get started?

Around these parts, I’m known as a huge fan of brain reprogramming (including EFT, meditation, hypnosis, etc.)

Which is exactly why I created this FREE self love guided meditation for you!