How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts or limiting beliefs? You’re not alone.

Our subconscious mind, which controls up to 95% of our daily actions, can hold us back from achieving our goals.

But the good news is, you can rewire your subconscious mind and create positive change!

The Conscious Mind vs The Subconscious Mind

Our minds are very much like icebergs, with most of their power hidden beneath the surface.

The conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg, representing the 5% we’re directly aware of. This is where we think, reason, and make conscious choices. (Yes–only 5%!!)

However, the vast majority (95%) lies below the surface as the subconscious mind. This hidden realm stores our beliefs, fears, expectations, and deeply ingrained patterns. It shapes how we react, behave, and perceive the world, often without our conscious awareness.

Imagine the subconscious mind as the operating system running our lives. It dictates our automatic responses and shapes our decisions behind the scenes. While the conscious mind acts like an app we’re currently using, the subconscious is the core program running everything in the background.

In simpler terms, we often operate on “autopilot,” unconsciously influenced by our subconscious programming. Think about the last time you zoned out while driving your car home. That’s an example of the power of your subconscious mind.

How Negative Patterns & Limiting Beliefs Are Created

There are a few different ways our subconscious mind gets programmed.

The first is just by being young. Until up to about the age of seven, you are basically just your subconscious mind (as your conscious mind has not yet grown enough). These delicate years are not just important for physical growth; they can also heavily impact our mind.

The second is repetition. The more you see or hear something, the more likely that phrase or image will be burned into your memory. Think about the annoying catchphrases your parents or caregivers had! I bet you remember those with crystal clarity.

Lastly is emotional charge. If you experience an emotionally traumatic event, that moment will likely live on in your subconscious mind. Many times, even if it’s not the memory itself, but the lesson we learned from it.

For example, your parents forgot your birthday one year. Today you might not be thinking about that particular day anymore. But some part of your mind still wants to protect you from that event, perhaps by going overboard and planning an elaborate party six months ahead of time.

The Real Reason Why You’re Stuck Or Struggling

Most of us struggle with limiting beliefs or toxic behavior patterns, that we can’t see or identify. However, this creates a vicious cycle in our world. Even though we want to change, it feels like the world is always working against us. However, in reality, we have a lot more control over our life than we think!

The subconscious mechanisms that served to protect us at some point in our past are new self-sabotaging us. But with a little inner work, we can target the core negative beliefs so we can shift them and ultimately, stop struggling.

The Power of Neuroplasticity

In the old days, psychology thought that once your brain fully developed, it was done and there was nothing much you could do to change it. Think: “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks!”

However, science had since proven that to be untrue. Now we know about neuroplasticity: your brains natural ability to form brand-new neural connections throughout your life. (Yes, including adulthood!)

This means you can literally rewire your subconscious mind by building new pathways that are stronger than the old, limiting ones.

5 Ways To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

1. Hypnosis

Hands down, my number one tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind is hypnosis. Hypnosis isn’t something you see at a magic show! It’s a very real way to “hack” into our subconscious mind, using a brain wave state that is totally natural.

Getting hypnotized is something you actually do naturally all the time. For example: while you’re falling asleep or waking up, or when you zone out while watching TV. The only difference is that during hypnosis we’re using spoken commands to ask question or to reprogram the thoughts in your subconscious mind.

To use hypnosis yourself, you can work with a hypnotist (like me!). Or you can search YouTube for some free hypnosis to try on yourself at home.

2. Boost BDNF for Enhanced Neuroplasticity

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is a protein crucial for neuroplasticity. Fortunately, all of these connect with the basics of self-care.

You can increase your BDNF levels through:

Regular Exercise – Exercise your body, especially aerobic activities like running or swimming.
Balanced Diet – Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish and flaxseeds.
Quality Sleep – Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
Stress Management – Techniques like meditation and breathwork can help.

3. Regulate Your Nervous System for Optimal Rewiring

When you’re stressed, your brain’s ability to rewire itself is hindered. Making sure your nervous system is regulated is an essential first step towards changing your subconscious mind. Breathwork and meditation are excellent ways to regulate your nervous system and create a calm, receptive state for rewiring.

A favorite of mine is the simple Box Breath:

Breathe in for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4. Repeat this sequence for a few minutes to signal to your body and mind that you are safe and cale.

4. Harness the Power of Theta Brainwaves

Your brain reaches different brainwave states naturally throughout your day. Theta brainwaves, associated with deep relaxation and creativity, are ideal for subconscious reprogramming.

You can access these brainwave states naturally during meditation, breathwork, or even just before falling asleep. Or go find some binaural beats or brainwave audios to help you do this on your own time. Check Youtube to try some out for free!

5. Utilize Repetition for Effective Rewiring

As we already learned, repetition is key to subconscious reprogramming. However, we can also hack this to our benefit.

Here are some methods you can use:

Positive Affirmations – Regularly repeat positive statements about yourself and your goals.
Visualization – Vividly imagine yourself achieving your desires.
Subliminal Recordings – Listen to recordings with positive affirmations embedded while falling asleep or waking up.

Ready to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind?

By incorporating these techniques into your daily routine, you can drop old patterns of self-sabotage and start to reprogram your subconscious mind for success.

Remember, consistency is key! Whichever methods you try, just be sure to keep at it until you seem some of your desired results.

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How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

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