Episode #22: A New Way To Look At Setting Goals

Episode #22: A New Way To Look At Setting Goals

Burnt-out on your normal goals? How does a entirely NEW way to look at setting goals sound to you?

Today I’m introducing you to the world of infinite goals. I’ll tell you why the normal (finite) way of setting goals doesn’t work the way we want it to and explain why infinite goals are a better choice!

Tune in now to get inspired to set goals a whole new way!

In This Episode:

  • Find out what finite goals are & why they leave you feeling unnourished
  • Learn more about what infinite goals are & why you need to set those too
  • Get inspired to take a new approach to your whole manifestation list or New Years resolutions!
  • Much more!

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A New Way To Look At Goals | Episode #22 Transcript

Hello beautiful soul, welcome back to another episode of The Podcast. It’s your girl Jenn, I’m a coach and healer and I’m really excited to bring you this very short but impactful lesson today. But before we get into that just a reminder that the doors are always open and waiting for you to take the next step into your dream future over at Heald.

Heald is my monthly membership program where I am giving you a new workshop every single month. I’ll design to help you heal from your toxic patterns and your limiting beliefs in order to step into your best highest self and create that dream future that you have been wanting for so many years. If you want to learn more about that then I invite you to click the link in the bio. I would love to see you in there.

In today’s episode we are talking about a new way of looking at goals. You might have gotten the impression so far that I have a little bit of a love-hate relationship with goal setting. That is very much true for me. I do love to think about where I want to go and what I want to achieve in life.

However, I do also have a little bit of that pda profile from my ADHD. PDA profile is persistent demand avoidance if you don’t know what that is. And basically it just means you have this little rebellious part of you that
does not want to be told what to do. In fact it feels like being told what to do is impeding on it so much that you feel unsafe almost. So I definitely have a little bit of that going on and sometimes getting a little too far into routine and habit and goal setting sets that off.

So I have to be a little bit careful with this stuff for myself personally which is why I always try to teach it to you from a different place. That is because I’m always thinking and looking for new ways of doing things because let’s face it. We all need to shake things up sometimes and looking at your same goals like for example if you set some new years resolutions and it is now middle of April and you’re looking at them and thinking “oh I have not done anything here. What is going on?”

I’m going to give you a new way of looking at goals in general today that might just be something that you have been looking for. Okay so today I want to talk to you about finite goals and infinite goals and why we need both. So first off what is a finite goal?

So you have probably been setting finite goals your whole entire life because that’s exactly what I was doing until I discovered this concept. So a finite goal is I want to do X. I want to go to Bali. I want to make $10,000. I want to do this meet this person whatever like those kinds of goals. The goals that I guarantee are on your manifestation list or on your new years resolutions.

Those are the standard finite goals. So what does that mean? Finite goal. A finite goal is a goal you set and then go out and either achieve or don’t achieve and it seems like that could be the only way goals could be set, right? You either get there or you don’t. However this way of looking at goals is just not that satisfying and I’m sure right now you’re thinking okay if I set the goal of making a million dollars a year of course it’s going to be satisfying like why wouldn’t that be satisfying?

But in that I think you’re wrong. There have been so many examples of people that go out to create success or fame or something like that and then when they get there they have this experience of being like oh okay here I am. Now what? So the thing that happens with goal setting that we don’t like to talk about too much like we talk about it a bit here in the manifestation world because we’re always going for the next thing but when it comes to goals sometimes a goal really does not make you feel as good as you thought it was going to. Many times when you set a goal it might elate you for like 24 hours at the very most before you go back to realizing that hey yeah I might have achieved this thing but I feel exactly the same. Look I’ve heard this from so many people time
and time and time again they think that fame is going to make them feel better they think that being
in a relationship is going to make them feel better they think that having so much money is going to
make them feel better and then they throw all of their time and energy into achieving this thing
thinking that that is the thing that is going to fix them and guess what it doesn’t.

So there’s a few problems here. I mean one of the problems is anytime we are trying to solve an inner problem
with something on the outside of course it’s not going to work the money is not what makes you feel better you are what makes you feel better. Being in a relationship does not make you feel better although it might feel like it does at first in that first hormonal bliss it might feel like that’s what’s doing it but eventually those hormones go away and you find yourself just in a partnership with another very flawed human and feeling the same way you did before. So you are the same person you are just in a relationship now.

So same thing with business success money everything anything you can achieve wherever you go there you are that means the outside stuff does not fix the inner world you are still there with your baggage with your fears with your insecurities and you are still the same person. So when I say this I’m not telling you this because I want to scare you into never doing anything remember at the top of this training I said we need both kinds of goals so this kind of goal you have probably experienced before you’ve experienced that thing of going in thinking something is going to help you and then getting there and realizing it doesn’t. And what usually happens from there is that we set another goal and then we set another goal and then we set another goal and we end up continually chasing after something that we are convinced is going to make us feel better.

One of the things I have taught so much within my work is that you need to learn how to be happy now and that definitely applies to the role of goal setting. So we definitely need to think about that as well but that is not what today’s episode is about. Today’s episode is about the art of the infinite goal.

Okay and this is a whole new kind of goal that will change the way you see your life and change the way you set goals for the better forever I hope. So what is an infinite goal? Well I told you what a finite goal was I want to make $10,000 this year in my side hustle or I want to get into a relationship right like those are the kinds of goals you were used to setting.

So an infinite goal on the other hand is a goal that we must continually work towards and that is where it kind of sounds weird right like why would I want to continue to work towards something? What is the point of just working and working and working and working? There’s a difference in the way we see the world here. So in the
world of finite goals we think we tell ourselves if I work so hard if I do this and do that and achieve this one thing then I’ll get to feel good about myself. In the world of infinite goals we know that this doesn’t work we already know that you can’t just create happiness from doing one thing or that one goal is not going to give you the result that you want. So because we know that let’s set a goal that actually does give us something we want. An infinite goal you could set for yourself would be I want to feel really healthy and I do feel really healthy when I hit my 10K steps a day. So I’m going to make it a goal that I am going to walk 10,000 steps every single day. Not because we are trying to lose weight or check a number of steps off every week or whatever. But because the act of doing my daily haul or walk or whatever else you want to call it because the act of doing that is going to make me feel a certain way and that feeling a certain way is actually what I want. So the goal isn’t about the actual 10,000 steps or whatever it is.

It is about how you feel. In the end everything we ever do in our life is motivated by how we think we’re going to feel. Unfortunately because we keep setting these finite goals thinking that that is going to change everything forever we are doing ourselves a disservice. We are thinking that this one time event or this one accolade or this one title or this one promotion or this one deposit into our bank account. We think that that will be enough for the rest of our life and that is not the where it works.

The way the infinite gameplay is is that we continually have to come back to the thing that we want. We continually have to work into how we want to feel. We have to continue to show up for ourselves and to create actively the life that we want to have. So I said that this episode is going to be short today and I’m pretty much going to leave it at this but I really challenge you to go back to that list that we talked about at the beginning to go back to your manifestation list to go back to your to-do list even or your New Year’s resolutions. And I want you to think from the infinite point of view when you have something on that list what is the thing that you are really looking for? We talked about how. So let’s talk about relationships here for a moment.

Maybe you have on your manifestation list like I really want to get into relationship. I really want to feel loved and secure and whatever. Okay so again we think that the person is going to give us that but it is actually us giving ourselves that feeling every single time no matter what.

And like yes you can still go after the relationship yes you can still go find that person you can still do all of that. But how can you start to feel like that now? What would be a goal that would help you to feel secure, loved, and supported right now? What is something you could put into play into your life where you could show up with that energy whether or not you have a partner?

Just because it feels good for you to be in that energy because that is who you want to be, that is the life you want to claim that those are the feelings and emotions you want to evoke in this lifetime. What could you do for yourself to put yourself there? And maybe it’s not every day maybe it’s weekly but how can you come back to that version of you? How can you feel expansive, loved, whatever? And you can do this for money as well. What does that money represent to you? What do you think having $10,000 in the bank for example? What do you think that will represent for you? How do you think that will make you feel? It’s the feeling you’re going after, right?
So what is another way we could create a goal and every day goal around feeling like that? Like how can we put this goal into an infinite state?

So perhaps with money that has something to do with like, okay, I have a business and I want to make a certain amount of money but I also want to serve people. So perhaps your goal becomes I’m going to go out and find five new potential customers every single day or five new potential clients or whatever it is for your industry and business. And then that is a way that you are working towards that finite goal of the money, but you are also coming back to that feeling. I want to feel like I’m supporting people. I want to feel like I’m growing my reach and expanding my message out into the world. So what is a way that I can do that? And in that way, you are building something solid into your daily routine or weekly routine or whatever that will take you there that will give you that feeling that will give you those results. And ultimately, yes, it will give you that money in the end as well.

Oh yeah, and with the love situation, the same thing too. Because when you’re in that zone, baby, when you are feeling that love in yourself, that is always when you start to attract somebody in. So there we go.

That is today’s episode. Thank you so much for listening in my friend. And I really would love to hear your thoughts on finite goals versus infinite goals. And I would love to hear an example of an infinite goal. You are going to stop for yourself. If you want to share it with everyone, please do me a favor screenshot this on Instagram, tag me, share your goal. And I will share it with the community. I would love to see what you are creating in your life. Thank you so much again for listening. And I’ll be back here in next week’s episode.

Jenn Stevens The Self-Worth Project

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Episode #22: A New Way To Look At Setting Goals

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